Nude Painting Tips for Beginners

Nude life drawing is a great way to improve your drawing and painting skills. Drawing from life enables you to learn to draw what you see while also allowing you to develop your own drawing style. Follow these few tips and tricks to improve your skills.

Egon Schiele

What To Expect?
When it comes to life drawing some beginners may find it a little daunting. A life drawing class will most likely take place in a large room with an easel delegated to each person. The artists will be seated in a circle surrounding the model.

What To Bring With You?
Often paper is supplied, but it is advised to bring your own if that is not the case. Charcoal is the most common medium and is often a favourite because of its fluidity. Use what you feel most comfortable with, be it paints, conte, or pencil. Play around with different colours and textures.

Study Your Model
Observing your model is key. Many mistakes are made when focus is diverted to the page rather than the subject in front of you. Proportions are important, most people are eight heads high, using your pencil as a measuring tool can really help.

Find the Light
Applying shadows and highlights can really add a depth and weight to a painting. Highlighting and shading is a great tool in creating creases in the body and make it more three dimensional.

Keep Your Hand Moving!
Do not hesitate, it is not the end of the world. Keeping your hand moving,form confident strokes and you will find your composition will come to life.

And remember, lots of people use life drawing classes as a way of introducing themselves to drawing. Everyone is at a different skill level but that should never put you off attending.

Gustav Klimt was an extraordinary artist, publishing lots of nude art: